Superstar F3: Two Extreme Reactions On Social MediaF3 has been released and is slowly inching towards success due to the support from especially families.

Very few films receive two extreme reactions from the audience. F3 is one such film. The film is being enjoyed thoroughly by one section of the audience who is loving every bit of this madcap mindless entertainer. The illogical plot, the OTT performances, and the silly gags are making this set of the audience have a complete blast in theaters.

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And then there is another section of the audience, which is just not able to sit through the run time of the film. They are simply dissing F3 as cringe comedy by looking at the forced humor, tacky spoofs, and Jabardast-style screenplay. Especially Tamannnaah (in male getup) and Sonal Chauhan’s love track is making them walk out of the theaters.

This intellectual audience, while sitting in theaters, is wondering why the family audience is enjoying the film so much while they are not able to get even a smile looking at the antics of the characters in the film.

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As we had mentioned in our review,F3 is an over-the-top entertainer that delivers what it promises – mindless entertainment. Setting the right expectations is the key here, along with the tolerance levels for mindlessness. Give it a try if you don’t mind the logiclessness.

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This kind of reception for a film rarely happens, but now this has become a common thing for Anil Ravipudi films. His films are either loved or hated; there’s no middle way.