Jr NTR Fans Blue MediaYSR Congress and its affiliated media successfully diverted their Bheemla Nayak intolerance toward TDP – NTR issue. They have used a routine bait and a section of Opposition supporters fell for it. There have been stories about how Chandrababu Naidu troubled Junior NTR films between 2014-19.

While the stories are stuffed with enough gas and masala, the facts are different. Chandrababu Naidu back that time was very co-operative to the industry including Junior NTR’s films. Here are some examples of how he actually helped NTR movies.

For Nanaku Prematho and Janatha Garage, the then Chandrababu Naidu Government approved hike in ticket rates of B and Centers. For NKP, 50 Rupees – 80 Rupees hikes were granted. For Janatha Garage, 100 Rupees – 110 Rupees hikes were granted to help those films.

For Jai Lava Kusa, a uniform hike of 150 Rupees was granted to all classes of theaters which resulted in a big opening. The Government helped even more for Aravindha Sametha. A hike of 200 Rupees and Six shows permission was given back then.

These are all facts and are known to fans who religiously track collections. But then, the Blue media conveniently takes the advantage of short memory of the Public and tries to bring a divide in Opposition whenever the ruling party is in trouble.