Ranbir Touches Rajamouli Feet

Ranbir Kapoor hails from a legendary family but never showcases an air of arrogance. He’s esteemed as one of Bollywood’s finest actors, and his upcoming film ‘Animal’ is set for release this week.

At the ‘Animal’ pre-release event, his humility surprised everyone. In a public gesture, he respectfully touched director SS Rajamouli’s feet, displaying admiration earned through the director’s hard work and vision.

On the contrary, BRS leader Malla Reddy made rude comments about Telugus ruling Bollywood and Ranbir should shift to Hyderabad.

Tollywood is holding its head high mainly due to one name: SS Rajamouli. However, to put things in perspective, there hasn’t been a Rajamouli film this year. Not a single Telugu film has achieved even half the collections of Shah Rukh Khan’s recent two films – ‘Pathaan’ or ‘Jawaan’.

It’s shameful if any Telugu actor, politician, or even fan tries to shame Bollywood, the oldest industry that has delivered numerous classics and finest performers.

In short, many people resort to lose talk looking at the films delivered by Rajamouli and the collections he has made. This is referred to as nothing but ‘Vapu NI Chusi Balupu Anukovadam’.