The cinema scene in Hyderabad is as strong as any metro city in India. Big event films see a substantial piece of collections in Hyderabad city alone. But despite being the main player in the Telugu market, Hyderabad still doesn’t have an IMAX screen.

While other South cities, including Chennai and Bengaluru, have multiple IMAX screens, Hyderabad had none.

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But the wait might finally be coming to an end sooner than later as we are hearing that IMAX representatives are currently assessing their options in Hyderabad.

Apparently, IMAX is assessing the screens in PVR Punjagutta and Next Galleria outlets to set up their theaters here.

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Even in Bengaluru, IMAX partnered with PVR for IMAX screens and they appear to be following the same strategy here in Hyderabad.

IMAX provides the best in class projection and sound systems in cinema and the wait to experience the same for the Hyderabadi folk could be shortening now, going by the latest developments.

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That said, PVR could permit the establishment of IMAX projection at their facilities only after they get assurance that special heightened pricing will be allowed.

We will keep you posted about this key phase of the setting up of an IMAX cinema in Hyderabad which has been a long-standing aspiration for the cinephiles here.