Financiers Saying No To Struggling Director's Film

He is a director who has seen heights in his career but he is past his prime and has been struggling for a decade. Recently, he materialized a film with another struggling hero. A new producer and a producer who broke away from a happening production house together were named as producers for the film.

While they enthusiastically started the project, very soon there were differences between the partners bringing problems for the film.

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It appeared as if they could not work together but they reconciled.

The film got stalled once due to finance but it was brought on track.

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Sources say that still there are issues between the partners and financiers are shying away from the project.

A talk has gone into the market that each of the producers is not honoring the agreements made by the other producer. Financiers fear that this may create a big mess in the future.

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The non-theatrical market crisis made things much worse.

Recently, the director and the producers met a Leading Financier to finance the film. The producers gave all kinds of assurance to him and the director promised to finish the movie cost-effectively.

The financier appeared positive in the meeting. They were expecting good news but he sent them a message that he is not interested.

The same financier previously gave 4 Crore Rupees finance for the film for the first schedule. He is now asking to pay back that amount as well.

The movie is around 50% complete so far. They are now trying to pool money from other sources.

As if the existing problems are not enough, this problem has become a new headache for the director.