Find out the unique storyline of Manam

With Manam all set to release this Friday, actor and producer of the film, Akkineni Nagarjuna is on a promotional spree giving interviews on the film. So far all the promotion of the film Manam has been centered on Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Nagarjuna’s memories of him and his legacy but the first time the actor had revealed something about the film.

Manam is a story of three generations and it involves reincarnation angle is what we know so far. Nagarjuna revealed a bit further recently and said that the film shows how mistakes done at a point of time come around at a time far apart and corrects itself in the process. The mistakes of one life in a place are corrected at the same place by a different person in a different life but is all related to each other. This is shown in a very interesting and exciting manner by director Vikram Kumar, said the actor cum producer of the film.

Well the premise is interesting for sure and requires deft handling by the director. In few days time we will get to know how well the director has handled the subject. On that parting note we would like to know, what your expectations from the film are.