First big ticket film to release online on day1

Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda is one of the big releases this Friday. The film stars all the Manchu family actors from senior Mohan Babu to sons Vishnu and Manoj. Apart from them the film also stars the likes of Varun Sandesh and Tanish in important roles which is one of the major reasons why the film has generated excitement in the first place.

Keeping this excitement in min producer of the film Mohan Babu has decided to release the film online in overseas on the release day itself very much like the last Friday release Emo Gurram Egaravachu. People from US, Australia and Middle East etc can pay and watch the movie online in the comfort of their houses. Unfortunately this online viewing has resulted in piracy being released immediately with excellent quality, this had effected the film Emo Gurram Egaravachu badly in addition to its poor word of mouth. Will Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda escape from that fate?