Allu Arjun - Mega-FansA section of Mega fans never owns Allu Arjun as their own family hero. We constantly see them singling him out for no reason. Some of them seem like they are not happy with Allu Arjun’s growing popularity. The gap has widened in recent times.

Allu Aravind signing Balakrishna for Aha Video and Bunny attending the Pre-release event of Akhanda did not go well with them. We know the rivalry between Nandamuri and Mega families – at least between the fans. The fans are upset with Allu Aravind moving closely with Balakrishna and giving the latter the best possible debut on OTT.

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The hatred reached the next level with Allu Arjun’s speech at the Akhanda event. The star praised Balakrishna big time and also finished the speech with the ‘Jai Balayya‘ slogan. Mega fans can not stand this and are trolling and abusing Allu Arjun big time.

Some of them are even calling Allus the traitors for the Mega family. Interestingly, the same people do not have complaints when Ram Charan does a multistarer film with NTR. The same set of people take NTR’s side in the recent controversy between NTR and TDP. Precisely, others in the Mega family can have their plans and agenda but Allu Arjun and Allu Aravind should not.

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Balayya and Aha’s deal may be purely business. But once Balayya is onboard, it will naturally become an obligation for Allu Aravind to speak well about him. Allu Arjun may have attended the Akhanda event because of Boyapati or due to Aha. Once he attends, he should naturally speak good about Balakrishna.

Bunny maybe even trying to expand his acceptancy in all sections and that is definitely not wrong. All these things would not look wrong if Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi do but for Bunny, the rules of the game change.

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