Ram Charan RC15Ram Charan‘s market has expanded tremendously after RRR in the Hindi belts. What Toofan couldn’t do for him, RRR did it. The Bollywood trade and audience are curious to witness what Ram Charan’s next pan-India film business will be like.

Previously actors wanted to expand their market by capturing Tamil circuits, like Mahesh Babu tried with SPYder. But after Baahubali, RRR, Pushpa, and KGF, stars have realized that the real booty is in the Hindi belts.

The North Indian audience is fed up with the elite content that Bollywood serves, and this is the best time for South superstars to capture those markets. The scope is huge, and the reception is also great for Southern cinema these days.

Ram Charan’s latest film Game Changer directed by Shankar, is a film that has a lot of potential in the North. But till now, the makers haven’t shown any kind of interest in promoting the film in Hindi.

Yes, there is still a lot of time for its release, but these days makers have to start targeting right from the word go. For example, Pushpa 2 makers released a promotional video in Hindi, and they were successful in increasing the buzz of the film in Hindi belts in a big way.

But the makers of Game Changer haven’t even released a poster in Hindi when the title of the film was announced recently. We don’t know what their strategy is, but it is better to create awareness about the film in all markets while making a big pan-India film with huge costs involved.