Guntur Kaaram Mahesh Babu Body Language EaseThe much anticipated first glimpse video of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s SSMB28 is here now and it also heard the title announcement update.

The video is primarily loaded with the heavy duty action shots featuring the main man Mahesh Babu and they offer full on entertainment for fans. It announces that the film is indeed titled Guntur Kaaram.

The action shots are a treat for mass fans and they tick this box effectively.

Mahesh Babu used proper Rayalaseema slang as he says “Enti beedi 3D lo kanpadthanda” and this should set the fire crackers ablaze in the ceeded area once the film hits the silver screens.

Mahesh Babu has been in this rigid zone of being the perfect Raymonds man delivering messages for so long. Fans are bored to death seeing him in that zone for so long. Parasuram tried to bring him out and infuse energy but he failed badly. He could not even get the body language right, let alone the mass dialogues that unintentionally turned funny.

Initially, there were doubts on Trivikram as well on that front. But the ace director nailed it with this Glimpse. In addition to the energy of a mass hero, there is also a high amount of ease in Mahesh‘s body language that his fans have been missing for a long time.

This is a full meals to fans and everything from here will only take the hype and excitement upwards.

By the looks of late, Guntur Kaaram is a perfect Mass film for Sankranthi. Pair that with Trivikram trademark family elements, we might have ourselves a winner.