Hansika-Motwani-Calls Her Hero 'Retard' on Live ShowDuring the promotional events of ‘Luckkunodu’, Hansika and Vishnu Manchu were seen having a funny conversation, pulling each other’s leg. The comfort levels are obvious as the two actors had a couple of movies in their combination previously.

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On a live show, Hansika called Manchu Vishnu ‘a retard’. It was a funny conversation when Vishnu pulled her leg about her turning slim with yoga. She teased him, “As much as you are a retard and sporting a Hrithik Roshan’s body.” Vishnu was all like laughing when she was making fun of him.

She did this when Vishnu consistently was trying to talk about her diet and yoga for becoming slim. To make him not reveal her secrets, she reminded him that they are live on television. Finally, he said that she is very disciplined when it comes to food and hence eats only chicken dumplings.

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Giving back to him, Hansika told that Vishnu eats aloo and puri after his workout session when his trainer is around him. This way, he isn’t going to get a six-pack body for even months and years teased the milky beauty.

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