Harish Shankar Chota K Naidu

Creative and ideological differences are part and parcel of the people involved with the film industry. One such case involves Harish Shankar and cinematographer Chota K Naidu who appeared to have beef between them.

The complaint from cinematographer Chota was that Harish Shankar didn’t give him creative freedom while filming Ramayya Vastavayya and he got fed up and put in minimal effort as he wanted to be done with Harish. Harish replied by saying that this could have been settled amicably instead of Chot badmouthing him every single time.

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The issue appeared to be blowing out of proportion with the two of them indulging in public outcry. But luckily for the two of them, they could sort this out before things slipped further out of hand.

Incidentally, Chota met Harish Shankar on the sets of his ongoing film and the two of them reportedly sorted out their differences.

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“Thank you Chotanna .. for visiting our sets and making everything straight even in your busy schedules.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart” Harish tweeted.

The issue appeared to be very trivial right from the start and it was only logical for the two of them to put the spat behind them as it has been a decade since Ramayya Vastavayya’s release and there’s no point in holding on to it.

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