Actress Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur is renowned for her exquisite, daring, and sophisticated sense of style, in addition to her acting abilities. She exudes style and refinement, whether she’s on the red carpet or going out on the town.

Mrunal Thakur turned heads recently at the Filmfare Awards, not just as a Bollywood darling but as a true style icon. Dressed in a captivating see-through gown that left little to the imagination, she effortlessly seized the spotlight.

In a recent interview when Mrunal was asked about the importance of staying relevant, she said, “There is no need to be relevant as long as you are true to your art. When I go for my workout, some gym trainer points out at my butt. I say that’s your problem, not mine. This is my strength; people pay to get such shape, and I have it naturally. If I am embracing it, what’s the problem with you?”

She added, “There are certain things about your body type which you can’t help. I don’t understand why Indians have this habit of discriminating against naturally curvaceous and voluptuous women. Why are they looked down upon?”

She continued, “It took Kim Kardashian to make people realize how sexy the curves are on a woman? People should learn to own their bodies. Eat healthy food but not at the cost of putting your health at a bigger risk. I think I am just owning myself. I own my thick thighs and I have no regrets. And If I don’t, you shouldn’t have it either.”