Director Shankar Indian 2For the first time in his career, director Shankar is shooting two of his films, Game Changer and Indian 2, simultaneously. And hence both movies will release around the same time with a gap of 2-3 months. It is expected that Indian 2 will arrive first during the Sankranthi 2024, and Game Changer will be targeting the summer 2024 release.

When Game Changer was announced yesterday, the makers made it clear that the film will be releasing Tamil also. They also released a Tamil poster. But even then, Tamil fans didn’t show much excitement about the film on social media.

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Tamil movie-going audiences just didn’t own Game Changer despite the fact that it is directed by their biggest director Shankar who is considered to be an equivalent of SS Rajamouli in the Tamil industry. They just gave it a royal ignore as it stars a Telugu hero.

On the contrary, Telugu fans always got excited by Shankar’s films, irrespective of who was playing the hero. Telugu audiences embraced Shankar’s films all these years despite those films having a strong local Tamil flavor.

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Recently, the Tamil movie-going audience also didn’t get too excited about Varisu or Vaathi despite the presence of superstars like Vijay and Dhanush because they were produced and directed by the Telugu people.

Tamil fans are more excited about Indian 2, which marks the return of the Kamal Haasan and Shankar combo after 29 years. Kamal is back in the game after the phenomenal success of Vikram, and Shankar is looking to regain his lost ground with Indian 2.

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