Why are Charan Fans Targetting Shankar?Due to the ongoing issues in Tollywood, shootings have been stopped for an indefinite period. Though there are hopes that things will get sorted out in 8-10 days, nothing can be said concretely.

Because of this, maverick director Shankar has decided to resume the shooting of his long-delayed Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan. He will return to his current project RC15 with Ram Charan once things fall in place in Tollywood.

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Charan fans aren’t happy with this development. They feel Shankar’s attention will get diverted if he moves on to Indian 2. There will be continuity issues, and there are chances that RC15 may get sidelined.

The film’s script is locked, and almost 50% of the shooting is completed. The movie’s final outcome may not be affected due to Shankar shuffling between Indian 2 and RC15.

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So Charan fans need to take it easy and realize that maybe it’s a boon in disguise that Shankar is moving on to Indian 2. There’s this burden on his head of completing this pending film. He will be tension-free if he can complete Indian 2 and then finish the remaining portions of RC15.