Malayalam industry hit film Manjummel Boys is getting caught in one mess after another. Just recently, it was the case of Ilaiyaraja who filed a copyright claim against the film for using his “Kanmani” song without authorization.

Now, it is being reported that severe financial frauds have been unearthed with regard to the production of Manjummel Boys. A man named Siraj Valiyaveettil alleged that he was cheated by the producers under the guise of false promises on returns.

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Siraj earlier approached the court saying that the producers Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony of Parava Films made him invest Rs 7 crore in the film. He was promised 40% share in profits by the producers but this wasn’t met.

Upon the filing of the court case, the Ernakulam Maradu Police launched an investigation and they have found serious discrepancies with the same.

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The police have found that the producers are involved in significant financial fraud as they indulge in conspiracy, breakage of trust, and deception.

Despite Siraj being promised a 40 percent share in the profit, he received no payment, amounting to an alleged loss of around Rs 47 crores. Siraj invested RS 7 crore in the film while the producers projected a budget of Rs 22 crore. But in reality, the film was made in just Rs 18.65 crore.

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It is being established that the producers tricked and deceived Siraj, the investor. The police are actively pursuing the case and more details are bound to be out soon. It is strange to see an industry hit film getting caught in so many hassles after its release.