Intinti Ramayanam Telangana rural dramas are flocking Tollywood at a the rate of knots. There are several new outings in this genre like the recent ones Mem Famous and Pareshan.

Now, there appears to be a new film that fall under this genre and it is Intinti Ramayanam which has Rahul RamaKrishna in the lead role.

The trailer for the film dropped recently and it implies that it is essentially a rural drama set in Telangana backdrop. The dialect, atmospheric and nature of narration all ooze Telangana vibe.

By the looks of it, Intinti Ramayanam revolves around a household which is rattled after a jewellery theft.

We see several known faces like Rahul, Naresh, Ramya Swamy, and others in the lead roles. There’s good padding on the casting front.

If the conflict clicks and the film packs the desired impetus, then Intinti Ramayanam has decent potential, given that this is the genre that is being lapped up of late. The film is releasing in theaters tomorrow, 9th June.