The Telugu audience had been occupied with the recently concluded season of the IPL in which the Sunrisers Hyderabad side failed badly in the finals. Then, the focus immediately moved on to the AP election results.

Now that the AP elections are also over and they have ended in AP public delivering a resounding verdict in favor of the TDP alliance, the focus shifts on to films.

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Of late, not many Telugu films have been able to bring the audience to theaters in big numbers.

This weekend, we have Sharwanand’s Manamey, Kajal’s Satyabhama, and Navdeep’s Mouli which are gearing up for release on the 7th of this month.

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With the elections and IPL wrapped up, the Telugu folk will be looking for a new source of entertainment and this could fall in favor of upcoming releases. The most notable of the lot is Sharwa’s Manamey and we shall see how this film fares.

We anyway have the first mainstream superstar biggie of the season, Kalki which is arriving on the 27th of this month and this is billed to be the big event film that can pull the audience back to theaters in big numbers.

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