Is-The-Route-Clear-For-Naga-Shaurya-To-Repeat-HistoryNaga Shaurya’s last successful movie came in the year 2018. It was Chalo which released on February 2nd. It is his career best performing movie at the box office. The actor’s next Ashwathama is releasing worldwide on January 30th, which is around the same time.

While many remember Chalo, not all of them might remember that it clashed with a big movie on its release day. The Ravi Teja starrer Touch Chesi Choodu also arrived on the same day. The clash turned out one way with Chalo emerging as a major winner.

Now, a couple of years later, history is repeating as a Ravi Teja’s film and Naga Shaurya’s Ashwathama are coming back to back. While it may not be a clash like it happened earlier, they are coming at the same time nonetheless less.

The Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja starrer Disco Raja has opened with weal collections and talk. On the other hand, the buzz around Ashwathama is increasing. It also helps its cause that it will be a solo release with Anushka’s Nishabdham out of the race. All that now needs to be seen is, will the history repeat?