Is Devarakonda Eligible To Make Nepotism Comment?Vijay Devarakonda‘s Liger trailer was released amid much fanfare today. The reactions to the trailer have been highly mixed. But more than the trailer, it’s Vijay Deverakonda’s careless comments which are grabbing eyeballs.

During the trailer launch, Deverakonda made some statements like, “I don’t have a background…no one knows my father.. no one knows my grandfather.. but still getting so much love from all the fans is amazing.”

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These statements didn’t go well with other star fandoms. Most of them felt that he directly or indirectly passed comments on Ram Charan and NTR, who are backed by the fan following of their legendary father and grandfather.

Heavy trolling began on Deverakonda for making such statements. Akkineni fans also joined the trolling and started commenting that VD has no eligibility to talk on nepotism. They countered his statements by saying that his own brother, Anand Deverakonda, is getting projects in Tollywood because of him, despite his not-so-good looks and ordinary talent.

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But the trolling gangs should realize that Vijay has always respected every big star in the industry. He calls them ‘Anna.. Anna’ all the time, be it Charan or NTR. It looks like he made these comments casually with no bad intention.

But it’s a known fact that star hero fans can’t tolerate any kind of negative comments about their stars or their legacy, so it was obvious they would be offended.

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So, it’s better Vijay Deverakonda shouldn’t get carried away by the adulation and refrain from making such obnoxious statements to avoid negativity.