It is not a satire on Pawan clarifies Nag

Ever since the theatrical trailer of King Akkineni Nagarjuna’s upcoming release Bhai had released, a small controversy has erupted, thanks to a dialogue at the very end of the trailer. The dialogue refers to Nagarjuna as starter of trendsetter and looks to be a dig on a Pawan Kalyan dialogue from Gabbar Singh. This hasn’t gone down well Pawan Kalyan’s fans which ultimately resulted in the controversy.

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Finally in an interview given to a daily recently Nagarjuna has put rest to such controversy and said that its part of the context and it should not be taken out of it. He also added that it is done for fun purpose and not to offend anyone. The actor as we all know has been very appreciative of Pawan Kalyan off late and said that there is nothing intentional at all it.

Thanks to this little controversy Bhai has got additional publicity and space among the web which means that the purpose has been served whether intentional or not. Bhai is directed by Veerabhadram Chowdhary and in his past film too there have been sharp satires on the popular trends. In Bhai though, unlike those films one such dialogue has been kept in trailer which has grabbed all the attention. Do you think that last minute insertion of dialogue in the trailer was an intentional one or was it really unintentional now looking back at how things have panned out?

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