Jana Sena receives support from unlikely quarters – tribals

Pawan Kalyan’s newly launched party Jana Sena may or may not have got full-fledged support from any place till now but it certainly has got loyal support already of a tribal community in Adilabad. And they have not become such loyal because of the movies but because of the social avatar of the star. They vow that come what may they will vote for Pawan Kalyan’s party and only he can solve their problems. What is the reason behind this strong support? To know how the party has got such a strong support already one has to go back in time to last elections.

Back then Pawan Kalyan toured Telangana as a Praja Rajyam party member and as part of his tour he visited these tribal areas in Adilabad district. He was moved by the problems they told to him and promised to take care of them all. But the first thing he did immediately was to get a water bore placed there out of his own pocket because he came to know that the whole community had to travel few kilometers just to get drinking water. He then promised them that when his party comes to power he will look into other problems that they are facing and will solve them too.

This act of kindness has won Pawan Kalyan the love of entire community and when these people came to know that Pawan Kalyan has formed a new party, they knew who they would vote for in the coming elections. They still believe in Pawan Kalyan and wish that he would visit them again. Many political parties have visited them post the Pawan Kalyan tour but they have shown a dedicated loyalty only to him. Will Pawan Kalyan once again visit them and would they be still as loyal, we would know soon for sure with the elections just around the corner.