NTR Carrying Political Fears Everywhere!Team RRR is currently in Bengaluru as they prepare for the pre-release event that will commence in a some time. Earlier, Ram Charan, Jr NTR, and Rajamouli interacted with the media.

In the interaction, a Kannada journalist asked Tarak to comment about the ongoing religious and ideological conflicts in the country. He indirectly asked Tarak about the Hijab row in Karnataka which is affecting Muslim women.

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Tarak, as he usually does, came up with a diplomatic response. “I won’t speak about politics on this stage as whatever I say will take the attention away from RRR.”

Given the delicate political climate in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, NTR has been taking apolitical stance here and refraining from speaking about politics. But he is continuing the same stance while reacting about Karanataka and national politics as well.

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Sooner or later, NTR is bound to enter politics. Given the political image his family has, and the kind of mass following that he himself enjoys, it is near impossible to resist the temptation to turn active in politics at some point in time down the line.

So, it is about time that Jr NTR, who is blessed with great vocal prowess occasionally unveils his take on contemporary politics. This will help him build an image that can later be useful for his political career.

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If he continues to stay diplomatic and maintain non-political stand until the very day he turns in politics, it will do more bad than good to his image. He might have to start the image building exercise sooner than later.