Jr-NTR-Fans-Hrithik-Roshan-DanceHrithik Roshan made a stunning comeback in 2019 with the spy-action thriller WAR. Tiger Shroff also did well in the film, but the film’s biggest USP was Hrithik Roshan. The scene in which Hrithik Roshan gets off the chopper is considered one of the best entry scenes in Bollywood. Goes without saying not just girls, but even men were charmed by his looks in WAR and the way he carried the role.

Now, at the ongoing IIFA awards, Hrithik was given the best actor award for Vikram Vedha, and after receiving the award, he danced to his all-time hit from Kaho Na Pyaar Hain. Though nearing his 50s, Hrithik was impeccable and energy-personified doing the dance routine. This dance clip is now going viral on social media.

There was mayhem on social media when WAR 2 was announced with Hrithik and Jr NTR. It’s an insane combination and was completely out of the blue.

After watching this viral video, the big question among Telugu fans, especially NTR admirers, is how NTR will match the aura, screen presence, and dancing prowess of Hrithik Roshan in WAR 2. There is no doubt that NTR dances like a dream, but it would be really challenging for NTR to match Hrithik.

NTR must be applauded for accepting such a big challenge to be pitted against someone like Hrithik Roshan. We know NTR will give it his best shot. Let’s hope NTR makes his fans proud and matches and even surpasses Hrithik Roshan in terms of dance and action in WAR 2.