Just Saw RRR Malayalam Version & It IsNTR, Ram Charan‘s RRR is on everyone’s mind these days. As the film is drawing nearer to its release on March 25th, everyone is getting anxious to know what Rajamouli has in store for both the fans of star heroes and general audience.

But Rajamouli‘s core team has seen the film and they can not stop raving about it. The film’s colorist, Shiv Kumar watched the Malayalam version along with his team and posted a long message taking the excitement to another level.

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“Just seen the RRR Malayalam version. Although I saw each frame thousands of times as a colorist, I was more emotional when I saw the last copy as a regular audience with audio. I say strongly, it breaks all records and creates new records that no one can break. And it charges over 3000 crores”. posted Shiv Kumar.

There are two aspects to this. One is that the film is going to move you emotionally and also break all the records as per Shiv Kumar. The colorist says the film will make 3000 crores which sounds a bit odd. But his post has surely taken the expectations to a higher level.

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Rajamouli has taken on a very tricky subject and big stars. Though he is a king of emotions, everyone’s eyes will be on the subject and how he has narrated the story of freedom fighters in a fictional manner.