Kalki @ Prasad PCX

Not many can debate the fact that the PCX large screen at the iconic Prasad Imax is by far the best theater in Hyderabad, if not in the entire Telugu states. But there has been one major complaint about this theater and that is regarding the seating arrangement.

The complaint is that the seating arrangement at Prasad PCX is very congested. Finally, this is being addressed as the management announced that certain changes are being made to the facility now.

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“UPDATE: The #PCX screen at #PrasadsMultiplex is temporarily closed from 3rd June, as we set up new seating for your comfort and a better viewing experience. The PCX screen will reopen on June 27 for the biggest release of #Kalki2898AD” the statement from the management read.

This is the best possible news at the best possible time as PCX is addressing its biggest problem right ahead of Kalki’s release.

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Watching a big event film like Kalki on the PCX screen with an upgraded seating arrangement and enhanced viewing facility is the kind of stuff that cinema enthusiasts can dream of. It is known that Kalki is arriving in theaters on the 27th of June. PCX will be the primary choice to enjoy this film in its truest technical capabilities.