Versatile actor Kamal Haasan, who is currently getting ready to release his masterpiece ‘Vishwaroopam 2′, revealed some secrets in a recent media chat about his smoking habit and how he got rid of it. The actor said that he first smoked a cigarette when he was just 11 years old. However, he gave it up after finding numerous reasons to quit it. One of which included the kissing scenes he had to shoot in his movies.

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The actor recalled his youth stating that he had to take into consideration the problems of his co-actors, especially the ones he had lip-locking scenes with. These scenes were pretty common at the time and the actor had to think of “the plight of his heroines” after smoking and having coffee all day long. The actor added an advice for the youngsters nowadays to quit smoking, if not for themselves then at least for their wives or girlfriends.