KGF 2 Fans Thigh Slapping on Rajamouli RRR is up for a release on the 25th of this month and there is a very good craze for it in Telugu states. For some reason, the same is not happening in the Hindi belt. Blame it on the multiple postponements or the promotional content that failed to excite Hindi audience. But, there is still time to see if the advance bookings will pick up the speed.

Meanwhile, KGF 2 Kannada fans are making thigh slapping statements that whenever KGF 2 releases, the Hindi version will exactly double the collections of RRR Hindi on the opening day.

But, they are conveniently forgetting the fact the KGF 2 has prequel hype and the established market for the film. RRR is solely banking on the Baahubali director’s image in Hindi belt. Though Charan and NTR are big stars here, for the Hindi audience they are nobody until they watch RRR.

Also, the fact is no one can come to any conclusions until the RRR first talk is out and if it is really sensational the bookings will be on fire in Hindi, even though they are slow before the release, as per trade analysts.