Koratala-Siva-Devara-SisuKoratala Siva has a big task at hand with Jr NTR’s Devara which is one of the most anticipated films in the Telugu circuit and also in the pan Indian belt.

Coming to the topic, netizens have started to share a few videos of the fight sequences from this English film titled Sisu.

A section of NTR’s fans have started to demand Koratala to include fight scenes like these in Devara. They’re saying that mental mass fight blocks like these are exactly what they want.

In reality, this English film, Sisu has very little novelty on the story front. But is packed with mental mass fight scenes. NTR’s fans are now pushing Koratala to get inspired from these adrenaline-pumping action blocks and adapt the same for NTR.

Koratala has been identifying Devara as a full-blown mass entertainer with high dose of emotions. This suits the demand from a section of netizens to include action blocks like Sisu’s.

It is common for fans to push directors to include fan-pleasing elements in their heroes films and the same is happening with Koratala and Devara now.