Lakshya Easily The Safe Bet For Naga ShauryaNaga Shaurya has pinned high hopes on Varudu Kaavalenu but the movie has disappointed him big time. The actor is now looking forward to his December 10th release, Lakshya. Shaurya plays an archer in the sports drama and has even got eight packs for the film.

He worked really hard and for one of the sequences of the film with Eight Pack, he did not even swallow his own saliva for three days. After all the hard work, he is looking forward to the movie release. Usually, Sports Dramas are set on the lines of an Underdog story and Sports politics are considered a safe bet.

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Sports drama with Archery backdrop will be the novel point. The audience will easily connect to the theme and patriotic feeling if the emotion is maintained. So, Lakshya can be easily the best bet for Shaurya at this point in time. The movie has no significant competition from the other new releases.

It has only Balakrishna‘s Akhanda which will be in its second week. But Lakshya makers are confident that they will have their space despite that.

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