Naga Shaurya, Too Much Confusion & Chaos PubliclyNaga Shaurya who was confident about his latest release ‘Ashwathama’ has faced a major set back in the form of failure of the thriller. Now, we hear that his next project with Avasarala Srinivas is deemed to be shelved.

Remember, Naga Shaurya made comments against ‘Chalo‘ director while promoting his film ‘Ashwathama’ claiming to be one of the writers of ‘Chalo’? The same director delivered a super hit film with Nithin as ‘Bheeshma’.

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Social media trolls reminded the users how Naga Shaurya created a controversy on Sai Pallavi while promoting one of his earlier releases. However, both the films didn’t work as the content wasn’t up to the mark.

Added to this chaos, the hero has been in the news for Mehreen Pirzada’s non payment of hotel bills controversy that blew up. Finally, the actress had to issue an open statement regarding the controversy.

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Now, this shelving news stating that the budget may go overboard for the hero’s market is leading to more confusion. Looks like, Naga Shaurya needs to concentrate and choose carefully instead of getting himself into unnecessary controversies.

Clarification from the director:

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