Chiranjeevi BalakrishnaNandamuri Balakrishna‘s Akhanda is going strong at the box office. The weekend advantage has set in and the numbers are going big. Despite the mixed talk and reviews, masses are lapping the movie big time. It’s been a long time since a big film has released and audience is craving for the big screen experience.

That is helping Akhanda big time. Balakrishna should be credited with the achievement of bringing audience to the theaters after the pandemic and infusing confidence in the industry about the future. This very issue has triggered a discussion on social media and it blew up into an issue between Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

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Balakrishna Fans are mocking Chiranjeevi for escaping the difficult times and choosing a safe date in February. “He claims to be Industry Pedda Dhikku and has done nothing to help the industry in this time of crisis,” they ridicule Chiranjeevi.

“Balakrishna was not made a partner in the talks with Andhra Pradesh Government. He is not even briefed about what is happening. Chiranjeevi and others have escaped silently when the atmosphere is rough with AP Government. Balakrishna did not involve himself and did what is extremely needed for the industry – bringing audience to theaters,” they say.

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Not going into the debate of who is great, Balakrishna should be commended for being the first biggie to release after the pandemic and that too with a hostile government and giving 20% discount to buyers in Andhra Pradesh. The risk has paid off. Now we will have many films releasing confidently in the next few months due to the confidence infused by Akhanda. Nandamuri fans are claiming that Balakrishna has become the real Pedda Dhikku of the industry.