Akhanda_ Dil Raju To Be The Biggest BeneficiaryThe U.S. and Nizam are the weakest areas of Nandamuri Balakrishna. But then, for Akhanda, they are the first two areas to enter into the profits zone. Dil Raju has brought Akhanda Nizam Rights for 10.5 Crore Rupees and the movie has already collected 12.05 Crore in the first weekend itself.

Trade Pundits expect the film to collect 20 Crore Share in its full run. That means a double profit for Dil Raju. The Senior Producer cum distributor watched the film at Brahmarambha theater, KPHB for the benefit show, and talked confidently to the press about the film.

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He is enjoying the film’s success to the fullest. He along with his partner, Sirish have been going to the theaters of Hyderabad every day and are enjoying the movie while observing the trend. Dil Raju is going to recover all his COVID losses with this film, industry people say.

In Andhra Pradesh, Nellore is into the profits zone. The rest of the areas would have also gone into the profits if not for the shockingly low ticket prices and other restrictions.

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