While all his contemporaries like Rajamouli and Sukumar have boarded the pan India bandwagon, Trivikram hasn’t even bought the station ticket yet. But luckily for him, he has been presented with a pleasant surprise.

Ideally, Allu Arjun would have done the film with Atlee after Pushpa 2, but this film has reportedly been shelved. So, the hunt will be on for Allu Arjun’s next director.

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Coming to Trivikram, he is the only A-lister director with no project in hand at the moment. Luckily for him, Bunny’s proposed film with Atlee has also been shelved so this presents him with the golden opportunity to lock the Allu hero for his next.

Trivikram must be making his pan-India debut sooner or later, considering that all Telugu stars are looking for pan-Indian subjects. Though Trivikram had been lacking in this aspect, he is bound to make the jump at some point.

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Now, luckily for Trivikram, Allu Arjun is freed up and he will have the opportunity to appease the Allu hero. The two of them already make for a significant combo considering that they have delivered multiple hits in the past. But the deal here will be that Trivikram must come with a pan-Indian subject.

Bunny’s image across the nation could reach a new high, so Trivikram must up his game big time to accommodate Bunny’s uprisen market and image. His sensible writing cant be questioned but he needs to deliver much more than if the film with Allu Arjun happens next. This will be Trivikram’s golden ticket to the pan India league if at all it happens.

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