Maha Samudram Movie Pre BookingsThe next biggie from the Telugu film industry post the second wave is set to hit screens tomorrow. It is Maha Samudram. Everyone is looking forward to it for multiple reasons, but these four guys are the primary focus as the movie promises to be a potential game-changer for them.

The four people are lead actors, Sharwanand and Siddharth, and the director and producer – Ajay Bhupati and Anil Sunkara.

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Sharwanand has been threatening to enter the big league for a long time. He has blockbuster movies in his kitty, but the ‘next level’ movie is missing. He, too, knows it and has been attempting a biggie from time to time. Unfortunately, none of his hyped films has worked at the box office. Maha Samudram could be that ‘big’ one for him.

Siddharth, meanwhile, is coming off of a long layoff of sorts. He has practically disappeared from the Telugu cinema arena. However, when he came with a decent outing, it did found an audience. We are talking about Gruham. If he now manages to impress with Maha Samudram, it would definitely be a re-launch for him.

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Thirdly, it is director Ajay Bhupati. His debut defied all the odds and critics (who gave average reviews at best) and went on to become a blockbuster. It launched the careers of hero, heroine and music director along with him. Three years later, he is back with his second. If Ajay Bhupati can overcome the second film sentiment and score another blockbuster, he would be another welcome addition to exciting young talented directors in TFI.

And finally, it is the producer Anil Sunkara. The star producer hasn’t seen much success as a solo producer. Barring a couple of small movies, others haven’t worked. He would be keen to score the biggest hit possible with Maha Samudram, no doubt.

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As one can see, there is a lot at stake for these four individuals with Maha Samudram. The bookings are open all over, and they are encouraging. If word of mouth comes out positive, it will be a huge turning point for their careers. Maha Samudram hits screens worldwide on October 14th on the eve of Vijayadashami.