It was that kind of day on Friday, every one right from the stars to industry biggies and the audience are singing praises of a single movie – Manam. Even though there is a Rajinikanth starer releasing on the same day, it was Manam which hogged the lime light. Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is no exception. No sooner did he watch the film, Ramu posted a series of Tweets about the film. He even went on to say the film would have been in the 100 Crore club if it is made in Bollywood. Here are the tweets of RGV about Manam.

“Just saw `Manam`. If it was made in Bollywood it would have straight gone for Rs.100 crore. It`s an avant garde product but deeply rooted in earth. `Manam` is the first constructive demonstration that Tollywood actually can go into a new age of cinema.

“There was a standing ovation at the end in the theatre I saw `Manam` in, which I doubt ever happens for a Telugu film.

“I feared Chaitanya would feel over-awed in sharing the same screen space with Nag but he was terrific. In fact, in `Manam`, Chaitanya was way far better than how Nag was in his first screen sharing experience with ANR.

“Both Nag and Vikram deserve multiple salutes for making a film like `Manam` happen. Nag and Chaitanya`s onscreen chemistry is the best I ever saw between two actors.

“The only tragedy of `Manam` is that ANR is not alive to see this astounding celebration of human emotions.

“From the time ANR brought the industry to Hyderabad to Nag taking it further on to a new age cinema…that`s what I call a great journey.”