Manchi Rojulochie Is Vaccination For Soul The grand pre-release event of Manchi Rojulochie was held today in Hyderabad. Macho Star Gopichand attended as the Chief Guest for the function with a host of other dignitaries.

Among the various guests, both from Manchi Rojulochie and outside, the speeches of Santosh Sobhan, Maruti, Allu Arvind and Gopichand stood out.

Santosh Sobhan‘s was the most emotional of all speeches. He recollected his days of struggle and thanked UV Creations for backing him. He also revealed that Prabhas is the reason for his interest in the movies in the first place.

Director Maruti as always was articulate with his thoughts and delivered a succinct message on why to watch Manchi Rojulochie. He said that it is a vaccine to soul and people will come out laughing from theatres watching the movie.

Allu Aravind thanked the audience for coming to cinemas and bringing ‘Manchirojulu’. He said that Manchi Rojulochie will continue the trend. He also appreciated the star heroes coming forward to promote small movies.

And finally, Macho Star Gopichand assured a sure shot success for Manchi Rojulochie. It will be due to Brand Maruthi who works hard to make it a success, he said. The positive energy will reach everyone with the movie, Gopichand said.

Manchi Rojulochie starring Santosh Sobhan and Mehreen Pirzada hits screen all over on November 4th for Diwali. Anup Rubens provides the music.