Manjummel Boys

The Telugu version of the Malayalam blockbuster “Premalu” turned out to be a massive hit in the Telugu states. Despite the significant buzz on social media, it had a slow start but picked up miraculously and ended up as a big success.

What set Premalu apart was its relatable storyline and a plethora of heartwarming moments that struck a chord with viewers. Mamitha Baiju’s charming performance further cemented its connection with the Telugu audience, propelling it to box office glory.

Now, another huge Malayalam blockbuster, “Manjummel Boys,” is set to release this week in Telugu. The social media buzz surrounding this film is immense. However, there are concerns about its potential success at the box office.

Unlike “Premalu,” “Manjummel Boys” doesn’t offer the same level of relatability. While the Hyderabad-based plot, romantic storyline, and a lovely heroine in “Premalu” struck a chord with the Telugu audience, “Manjummel Boys” ventures into the realm of survival thrillers, a genre that may or may not resonate with Telugu viewers.

Recently, Prithviraj Sukumaran’s The Goat Life, which was also a survival drama, turned disaster at the box office because the Telugu masses didn’t connect with such dark themes.

So Manjummel Boys will go the Premalu way or The Goat Life way has to be seen.