Ranveer-Singh-Deepika-PadukoneEven star celebrity couples suffer from the age-old problems pertaining to marriage. There are countless occasions of these star couple deciding to end their marriage as well.

Coming to the topic, Bollywood is now abuzz about the marital relationship between superstar couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

In connection with these rumors, Deepika’s social media activity has been raising more suspicion.

Deepika has now liked a social media post that has become a hot topic.

Deepika liked an Instagram post that read “once you’re in a relationship you think it’s gonna last forever. But in reality, it lasts only as long as you’re working for it. If one person stops working, it falls apart.”

The fact that Deepika has liked a post about a relationship falling apart has turned a point of discussion. Bollywood followers are already commenting all is not well between Deepika and Ranveer.

But what’s to be noted is that this isn’t conclusive. This could well be a post that struck Deepika about her past relationships. It isn’t right to connect the dots and speculate about her current marriage already, opine another section of netizens.