Media Talk: Pooja's Desperation Vs Prabhas's Reluctance!Multiple reports claim that Prabhas and his co-star in Radhe Shyam, Pooja Hegde are not on talking terms. Social media users who have been closely following Radhe Shyam’s promotional campaign are drawing to the same conclusion now.

Regardless, both Prabhas and Pooja are actively stepping out to promote Radhe Shyam. However, people are suspecting clear averseness between the on-screen pair.

A netizen pointed out that despite the evident traction, Pooja is trying to cover it up by speaking highly of Prabhas in the interviews, but the latter isn’t caring a bit about Pooja and he is not even having eye contact with her.

The viewpoint is that Prabhas is least bothered about speaking about his co-star in Radhe Shyam, Pooja Hegde. He did not even utter a single word about Pooja while he interacted with Telugu media today and that sums up the situation.

But all that matters now is the on-screen chemistry between the duo in Radhe Shyam. This will be the deciding factor when it comes to the film’s fate post the release.