We are aware of the success of Telugu film ‘Mirchi’, which gave Prabhas a much needed hit last year and brought him back to the limelight. It also introduced Telugu industry to another solid director called Koratala Siva. The film was recently remade in Kannada as Maanikya, which released on May 1, and has turned out to be a hit.

Directed by Sudeep, the film has approximately collected around INR 13 crore in its opening weekend. While the film has been made on a budget of INR 18 crore, the producer is happy that they have already broken even and the gross share is expected to go beyond INR 20 crore by the end of the first week. A Kannada film grossing so much is an achievement by itself because their films are only known to make it to the INR 10 crore league. Exceptional films like these have turned out to be blockbuster.

Sudeep has very smartly proved himself as a successful director. He has smartly directed several southern hit such as ‘Singam’ and ‘Lakshyam’ in Kannada and has proved his mettle.