In Hollywood and Bollywood, several starlets face a dilemma: whether to compromise their principles for a good film role. While some succumb to pressure, others remain adamant.

Mrunal Thakur recently shared insights into her experiences, shedding light on missed opportunities due to her stance against on-screen romance and exposing her body.

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It’s normal for parents to impose conditions on their kids when they enter the film industry. She disclosed that her parents initially enforced a strict “no lip-lock” policy, resulting in many missed film opportunities.

During a recent interview, Mrunal Thakur discussed various aspects, including kiss scenes and romantic portrayals.

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“At the outset, I confined myself to traditional and homely roles. However, over time, I realized that my career stagnated due to the limitations I imposed on myself. Avoiding intimate scenes and exposure cost me several promising roles,” shared Mrunal.

“Contemporary films often require kissing and romantic sequences, which should be perceived solely as acting. There’s nothing bad about it,” she asserted.

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Mrunal confronted her parents, questioning the sustainability of her career if she avoids doing such scenes: “How long can I say no to sex scenes and exposure? I was missing out on significant roles and film opportunities.”

Her parents eventually relented and became more lenient regarding her career choices. Now, Mrunal embraces roles involving intimate scenes and bold portrayals with a lot of grace.