Mythri_Movie_Makers_LeaksAfter the blockbuster success of Akhanda, there are high expectations from Balakrishna’s NBK107, directed by Gopichand Malineni. The shooting of this film is presently commencing in Kurnool.

Everything was going smoothly till yesterday, and then suddenly, pics and videos from the shooting spot started getting leaked on the internet. In the video, the Jai Balayya song could be heard, and Balakrishna can be seen in a white and white outfit. After the leaks, there was panic in the camp of Mythri Movie Makers, who are producing this action flick.

Nandamuri fans are angered with the production house and are bashing them for not being strict in maintaining secrecy on the sets. Previously also, Balakrishna’s look from the film got leaked, and the makers were forced to release the official first look.

Fans are frustrated because there were multiple leaks within a span of 24 hours which shows the utter negligence of the makers. Though fans are very happy with Balakrishna’s makeover, they don’t want such leaks, which ruin the surprise factor.