Why Will Naga Chaitanya Target Samantha?Senior actor Murali Mohan is spending his days giving interviews on YouTube channels. In one of the interviews, he revealed an unknown facet of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s relationship.

Murali Mohan said that he owned three apartments near Financial District in Hyderabad. Then one day, Naga Chaitanya came to visit their apartment, and he liked them very much. He requested Murali Mohan to give him one apartment. Since the apartments were very dear to him, he refused.

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After a few days, he got a call from Chay’s dad Nagarjuna who requested Murali Mohan to give him the flat. He couldn’t say no to Nag, and he gave the flat to Naga Chaitanya.

Murali Mohan revealed that before marriage, Chaitu was staying alone in the apartment, and after marriage, Samantha also joined, and they started living like a happy couple.

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Murali Mohan further added that both used to do workouts together. He never saw them having an argument or any fight. They were quite happy together.

He said, “Before me, my maids came to know that they were heading for a divorce. I was shocked when the maid told me that Chaitu had already moved out of his favorite apartment with his luggage.”

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Murali Mohan said if he had known earlier that they were separating, he would have talked to the couple and also Nagarjuna and tried to reconcile them. But it was already too late.