Nani Meet Cute movie OTTNatural Star Nani had announced his ambitious film ‘Meet Cute’ which has his sister Deepthi Ghanta wielding the megaphone for the first time on the silver screen. The film for long was making rounds that it will take an OTT route.

Nani has now confirmed to M9News that the film is indeed having a direct-to-OTT release but the streaming platform is yet to be confirmed. Speaking more about the film, Nani said having been raised together, he never knew that her sister was so talented.

Nani also adds that he has a special place in his family, but after watching ‘Meet Cute’, his family will forget about him with the sheer magic of his sister’s craft. Speaking about ‘Meet Cute’, it is an anthology where 12 actors are coming together which also stars actor Satyaraj essaying an important role.

It is worth mentioning that Nani’s production ventures have generated good buzz and have performed well, so another one coming from his home production is looking forward to cinephiles. On the work front, Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is arriving on September 10 as Vinayaka Chavthi special.