For a while now, there has been a clash between Nani’s fans and Vijay Deverakonda’s fans on social media as these two are leading the race in the tier 2 segment. Now, there is another clash between the two groups and it has something to do with Vijay’s latest comment.

In a recent media interaction, Vijay commented that he wishes not to work with debut directors henceforth as it is tough for them to handle the budgets and manage the sets without prior experience. He said he wishes to work only with directors who made at least 1 film before.

In response, a section of Nani’s fans are calling out Vijay for commenting that he doesn’t want to work with debut directors anymore.

“Who is Vijay Deverakonda if debut directors didn’t work with him? How can he forget the roots now? Look at Nani, he is making films like Dasara and Hi Nanna with debut directors and scoring hits. Delivering hits with debut directors isn’t about pressure but a matter of skill and expert judgment. This is where Nani excels over Vijay. It is wrong on Vijay’s part to soft-block debut directors henceforth.” An ardent fan of Nani commented.

Well, this is a judgment and decision that must be left to the heroes themselves. If Vijay wishes to work with experienced directors then so be it. It is his responsibility to maintain his market and elevate his image, so the choice of directors is up to him.

While it can’t be denied that Nani is a master of devising winning films with debutants, Vijay consciously decided against him which is his own choice.

Calling out heroes and comparing them over their choice of directors isn’t a wise thing to do as they have their own calculations and combinations associated with it. Fans quarreling about this is silly and illogical to say the least.