Nagarjuna-Akkineni-PoliticsThere are media reports that Nagarjuna might soon be making his political debut with YSRCP very soon. If it happens, Nagarjuna would be the new addition to the long list of film celebrities who test their luck in politics.

But the thing here is that Nagarjuna is being written off by political circles even before he even announces his candidature.

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There are reports that Nag could be given the Vijayawada MP ticket by YCP. In response to these speculations, many on social media are commenting that Nag won’t stand a chance if he contests from Vijayawada parliament segment.

“Vijayawada is one of the historically tough constituencies to win from. There’s no way Nagarjuna is winning from here on YCP ticket right in his first elections. Chiranjeevi was unsuccessful in politics. Senior producer Ashwini Dutt had even contested from the very same Vijayawada constituency and ended up losing from here. There’s no way Nagarjuna can fare any better.” Netizens comment.

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Well, Nagarjuna is being completely written off by a section even before he officially announces his political entry.