NTR Should Skip Koratala For NowIts been three months since the release of RRR and around four years since the release of Aravindha Sametha but NTR is yet to begin his next.

Fans are getting impatient and are clueless about the inordinate delay.

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NTR and Ram Charan were relieved from RRR at the same time. The actor had one release already and his next with Shankar will be completed by December.

But by December, NTR‘s next, #NTR30 will not be even half completed.

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If Ram Charan’s #RC15 release well in advance to #NTR30, the audience will even forget about NTR’s gains in RRR.

It is basically lots of hard work lost for NTR.

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If #NTR30 is getting delayed due to creative reasons, that is a different topic altogether.

But there are reports that Koratala is in neck-deep trouble due to Acharya’s finances.

There is no clue whatsoever when the movie will begin or if Koratala will be in the right frame of mind with all these tensions around.

People tend to make mistakes under pressure. Koratala is under pressure like never before in his life – Acharya and the issues after that are a new and frustrating experience for him.

It is not easy to handle such an important project now.

There are numerous films that did not kick off after the announcement. NTR should not feel obligated and explore all options.

It’s better if NTR gives a break to Koratala and picks some other director to finish a quickie.

Even the likes of Buchi Babu will be better for NTR as the former promises some makeover and new genre (rumors for now) and it will be interesting to see NTR in something like that after a long time.