Hrithik Roshan and NTR’s face-off is all set to begin this Friday on April 12. NTR kicks off shooting for Yash Raj Films’ highly anticipated WAR 2 on 12th April in Mumbai. Hrithik and NTR will shoot for some crucial action sequences together in this 10-day schedule!

YRF’s Spy films have always been about style and swag. More than histrionics, these movies are all about how the actors carry themselves on the big screen.

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Remember the scene of Hrithik getting down from the chopper in WAR? He looked like a Greek god with a physique to die for. Or for that matter, Shah Rukh Khan’s entry scene in Pathaan. It was madness in theaters. Salman Khan in the Tiger series is another beast.

So NTR has to match such aura and ooze such style not only in his performance but also in terms of looks. He is pitted against someone like Hrithik who can crush any actor with his screen presence.

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There are some complaints about NTR’s offline looks these days. During the recent Tillu Square event or the Devera collaboration with Karan Johar, NTR was looking tired and dull.

NTR has to really work hard on his looks, physique, and appearance if he has to match Hrithik on screen. It is a huge challenge for him and if he can succeed in matching Hrithik Roshan then it would take his stardom to a whole new level.

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