Jr NTR Ram Charan

Since RRR became a massive hit, a debate has raged among fans of NTR and Ram Charan about who is the bigger pan-India star.

Recently, NTR’s Devara released its first song, Fear Song, which has been performing well in Hindi, amassing over 16 million views in just three days. This is a notable achievement.

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In contrast, Jaragandi from Ram Charan’s Game Changer, released two months ago, is struggling to reach even 2 million views in Hindi.

NTR fans argue that Devara song’s popularity in Hindi proves that NTR is a much bigger star than Ram Charan in Hindi belts.

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However, using YouTube views as a measure of stardom might not be accurate.

While Jaragandi features a dance number choreographed by Prabhudeva and includes popular Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, it still didn’t garner many views.

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One reason for Fear Song’s success could be Anirudh’s popularity. After hits like Jailer, Jawan, and Leo, Anirudh has become a well-known name among Hindi audiences, which likely boosted the song’s views.

On the other hand, Thaman is not as well-known in Bollywood, which might explain why Jaragandi didn’t perform as well.

Ultimately, true stardom is better measured by the opening collections of Devara and Game Changer on their first day rather than by YouTube views.